• Formerly Known as HISFF(Hua International Short Film Festival).
  • Global collection of 5509 short films, covering 137 countries. More than 670 short films have met the standard of theatre exhibition.
  • More than 300 young directors attend HISFF, which was praised by The People’s Daily as “a cultural brand of new era”.
  • 96 domestic and foreign prestigious directors served as the jury of HISFF, eg.: Lee-Changdong, Xu Bing, Zhang Yang, etc.; Dai Jinhua, Liu Peiqi, Zhou Hao and Wang Xuebing participated in HISFF programs, too.
  • 78 screening exhibitions, covering 24 cities in 12 countries, a total of 50,000 participants.
  • 345 domestic and foreign media reports, 450 original program reports, a total of 230 million online participants.
  • Regular screenings in 18 cities, usually in Maker Space, White-collar Apartment, Culture Bookstore and other young sub-cultural colonies.